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  1. I received Joe’s information from a friend who had mentioned they knew a mechanic who does maintenance and repair in the customer’s driveway. I have a 2012 Mercedes S Class and have difficulty finding reliable and affordable mechanics to work on my car. I needed my rear wheel bearings hubs changed and the dealer wanted to charge me an insane amount of money to repair my car. I was skeptical at first, but I quickly realized that Joe was the right person for the job. He showed up early and allowed me to order my own parts. Once Joe examined the parts, he explained that he may be able to get better quality parts for less money. Joe made a few calls and got the new parts for nearly 30% less. He explained that I would get more life and a quieter ride from the parts he ordered. Once he had the parts he went to work in my driveway. I went to lunch with a friend for a few hours and returned to my car repaired and ready to go. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the work and the price of the job. The total on the job was $650 plus parts, the dealer wanted to charge me $1800.00 and I had to buy the parts through them at list price. Joe saved me nearly $1000 dollars, I didn’t need to wait in a dealership waiting room, I saved money on my parts, the car was repaired in just a few short hours, and I waited in the comfort of my own home. I now use Joe for all my repairs and maintenance and recommend him to all of my friends.

  2. Excellent service, reasonable prices, quick response time. Love the fact that Joe came to my house. I work from home, so Joe’s mobile service was a great time-saver. Will definitely use him again.

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