Auto Repair/Upgrades

Most auto repairs will require service at Speed Care’s location. For a modest fee, we’ll pick up your car at your home, and return it when repairs are complete. Speed Care can perform the following car :

    • Paint Resurfacing ($625)
      • We use a cutting compound to take out scratches on painted surfaces and then use a high-grade polish/wax to bring out the  paint’s original color.

    • Clay Barring ($75)

      • Removes pits in paint and paint contaminants before waxing and polishing.

    • Repainting*

      • Either repaint part or whole car with original color, or change to a color of your choosing

    • Exhaust/Muffler Replacement*

    • Stereo/Speaker Installation*

    • HID Light Replacement*

    • Underglow LEDs*

    • Vehicle Restoration*

    • Minor Body Repairs*

    • Shock/Suspension Repairs*

*Call for $$$ Quote

(Prices subject to change.)