Auto Maintenance

Speed Care can perform most standard auto maintenance at your home, including:

  • Oil Change ($49 – $79)
    • Provide your car’s make, model and year, or VIN number, and we’ll change your oil and oil filter according to manufacturer specs.

  • Engine Flush ($85)

    • We add a cleaning detergent to your oil, run the engine until clear, flush the engine, and replenish with manufacturer-recommended oil and filter

  • Radiator Flush ($65)

    • We’ll drain and dispose of old coolant, flush the system and refill radiator with manufacturer-recommended coolant.

  • Fuel System Flush ($185)

    • We clean the individual injectors and fuel lines

  • Brakes ($500- $750)

    • Replace pads/rotors, repressurize brake lines

  • Headlight restoration ($75)

    • Use variable grain sandpaper to resurface lenses, polish and seal lenses.

  • Winterization (Call for $$$ Quote)

    • Change tires to snow tires, change oil, replace windshield wiper fluid.

  • Cabin air filter/air cleaner replacement (Call for $$$ Quote – Varies by make/model of car)

  • Trouble Code Clearing and Battery testing ($45)

(Prices subject to change.)